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Music for Development

Elevate Learnings for your People

The best way to learn is when you enjoy. Music can open the possibilities and stimulate learning.

With 100+ instruments, all those who are musicians or not can participate and learn together. Everyone will really 'play music'.

Learning from doing is the best way to learn for adult.


A session can be customized for

  • Team building

  • Ice breaking for Business Strategy Workshop

  • Leadership

  • Collaboration

  • Communication

  • Wellness

A Wellness session wit The Healthcare Accreditation Institute (Public Organization)

Why Music?

  • A universal language

  • All of us has music in ourselves

  • You can express through music

  • A way to communicate

  • No right or wrong sound

  • Playing music is all brain exercise

Team Building session to strengthen team culture with L'Oreal

From Passion to Development

From 20+ year of experience in Human Resources in big corporates and her passion as a music teacher. Coach Tai invented music for development session to uplift learning for people in the organization.


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