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Business Insights, People skills, training, and happiness.

Our team resonate with different notes.

Pornprapa  Boonmamak
ACC Coach, HR & Marketing Consult

From a coachee became a coach,, these changes improved my thinking, mindset and mind.
These experi
ences grow my belief that the coaching process can help people develop themselves and grow sustainably with a coach as a companion on the journey.

CoachTai PCC.png

Kochkorn Sakulisariyaporn
PCC Coach, HR Consult, Strength Coach*

Motivated by a passion for developing others, leading the path with a career in Human Resources for 20 years. Kochkorn has worked in global companies and leading organizations to develop talents and key performances. She uses the coaching method with Executives as a thought partner to maximize professional and personal potential. She also leveraged her knowledge to build an HR foundation by being an HR Consultant in SMEs and renowned companies.

Coach KK1.png

Apichda Rojanasathit
All aspects
business coach

With her belief in people’s potential and her respect for their own choices, she coaches to help people find out their values and belief that lead to the actions of their own-defined success and happiness, live a life that fits with their life purpose, and manage their financial sustainability.


Sudaluk Watchakittikorn
Body language,

From a small step towards change. For better health, mindset, and capabilities.
I discovered a path to overcome my comfort zone, but that path has many steps to take. Reaching the goal requires more than abilities but the proper guidance. Hence I decided to share the learning essence with my personalise style from drama for your success story.

Kittimanas Dissayabutr
DATA Master

Agile, Scrum, Lean,
and su
ccess culture
Certified Scr
um Master with 3 years experience in Data consulting as a hybrid technology & business enthusiast with an entrepreneurial, systematic and Agile mindset, I am passionate about innovation and seeking to help organisations embrace technology as a force for good. We work with clients to leverage new business models and prepare Agile leadership and culture for the future.

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Napaskamol Smarksevi
CX: Service with heart

A marketing manager who realized her happiest time when meeting and servicing customers, colleague and people from all around then found her passion in International Aviation Customer Service working with 4 different International Airlines.

B Toei-1.jpg

Orawee Silpsrikul (Ph.D.)
ACC Coach, Innovation, Performance Coach
An innovation management manager who found out that people are key to their individual and team successes. With the belief that we all have potential and can reach that potential, I am inspired to help people find their potential and develop themselves so that they can enjoy the journey.

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