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Business Insights, People skills, training, and happiness.

Our team resonate with different notes.

Coach Nan
(ACC - ICF, HR Consult)

People assessment expert
Talent programme development

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Kochkorn Sakulisariyaporn
(PCC Coach, HR Consult, Strength Coach)

An HR from fortune 500 companies,
Team building with music and a
 Family coach.

Coach Tai, Kochkorn S. (PCC - ICF, Gallup's strength coach, HR Consult)

Coach Kookai
(All aspects
business coach)

Helps business
performs effectively

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Specialist ANN
(Body language, Communication)

Communicate effectively
with your words and body

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Agile Master 
Agile, Scrum, Lean,
and a successful project

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Specialist DUCK
(Service with heart)

Service mind expert
X Business consult
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